Elon Musk

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The extraordinary story of a genious and how he became one.

From absorbing all the book of his home town library as a kid, to his first computer company in his teens and the rest is history. It's and exciting and motivating story of how a simple and curious human being become one of the most powerful and talked about character in the world.



“Mr. Vance tells the stories of both SpaceX and Tesla with intricacy and insight. . . . What does come through is a sense of legitimate wonder at what humans can accomplish when they aim high, and aim weird. (Dwight Garner, New York Times)

“[T]his work will likely serve as the definitive account of a man whom so far we’ve seen mostly through caricature. By the final pages, too, any reader will sense the need to put comparisons to Steve Jobs aside. Give Musk credit. There is no one like him.” (New York Times Book Review)

“[A] spirited and riveting biography.” (Wall Street Journal)


“The SpaceX and Tesla founder certainly sees setbacks as an unavoidable part of innovation. But a brilliant new biography paints a picture of him as an obsessive, intolerant perfectionist.” (Financial Times)

“Fascinating and superbly researched…” (The Guardian UK)


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