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Saving money while traveling in Mexico for a year

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I left my job in March 2017 and I have been traveling since then. My motto was “the more I save the more I can be free to travel”. That’s a no-brainer but is it worth it? what’s the right balance between saving and enjoying life the way you want? I will try to figure this out as I write this post. I don’t think there is one right solution as we need to adjust according to our priority at every different moment. I would love to hear your thoughts as well.

Pursuing a meaningful life – my journey

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I realised that I have actually been on a vacation since I was born, even if I hadn’t known it, because I have simply always done what I loved and been paid for it. And when that love ended I moved on. I cannot stick to a job or a profession that I am not passionate about, firstly, because I won’t be able to perform at my best, and secondly, because I wouldn’t enjoy it.


Hiking Mt Kilimanjaro by accident

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It was dark, cold, and snowing. I couldn’t see where I was putting my feet. My heartbeat was accelerating, my breathing short. I was as scared as hell! “I don’t want to die”, I thought! I didn’t want to give up, though, right at the very end of 4 days of an amazing hike. The guide suggested I stop for a while, take my time and see if I wasn’t really feeling well. I had the option of turning back with one of the second guides. I thought it was fear, at least I hoped so!