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27 amazing Youtube travel videos to travel from your couch

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If we cannot travel right now, at least we can enjoy travel videos and dream about our next trip, hopefully soon.

Here is a collection of the best travel videos I have found on YouTube.

I wish I could share my own, but although I have always wanted to learn how to create beautiful videos, I am terrible at taking footages and my videos appear like you are on a rollercoaster when you look at them, all shaking.

You can check them out here if you want to have a good laugh.

Yes, because I have even had the courage to publish them.

That’s because I have this illusion that one day I know I will learn and will publish proper ones.

You can subscribe if you have a little compassion, just to cheer me up and clap at my progress.

Here below I am posting a slideshow of the best pictures from my year spent traveling around Mexico.

I hope you like it.

At least it’s not shaking.

In any case,  I am sure you will enjoy the following best travel youtube channels that I have selected for you.

If you follow me already, you might know that I have lived in Mexico for about 10 years now, in Cancun and I have traveled all around this country for a while.

This blog contains, in fact, a travel guide project which will never be completed simply because I will continue to add more and more articles about new places I see and new adventures on the road.

You can browse through this Mexico travel guide page and pick the topic that you are interested in.

But now let’s check out the amazing videos I have selected for you.

1. Sam Newton Media

Sam Newton is a young talented traveler who decided to drop out of college, buy a videocamera, learn out to create amazing videos and start to travel the world.

I am sure you agree with me that he learned the craft quite well.

The way he captures the essence of every situation is mind-blowing.

He creates tension and drama to make you stay glued to the videos.

The amazing images make you feel as if you were right there, in the scene.

2. The Expert Vagabond – Matthew Kersten

Matthew is one of the first Bloggers that made it a real profession and made us all go for it too.

He inspired me to write my first article and start my blog adventure.

Of course, I am not even comparing myself to his spectacular work but I keep following him for inspiration.

His videos are breathtaking and very professional.

He’s indeed one my favorites among all the travel video channels I have shared here.

This video that I have picked for you amongst the hundreds that he publishes has a special meaning to me because it has been recorded in Antarctica, a place that I am dreaming to visit, and the main character is a penguin, one of the reasons why I want to go to Antarctica, my favorite animal on earth.

This video is hilarious but although I was happy to see the penguin safe I couldn’t help but think how the human species is interfering with nature, in the good and in the bad of course.

Anyway, please watch it and let me know your thought.

As for me, I am working towards my goal to be in Antarctica in about 2 years’ time. Will I make it? follow me on Instagram and you will know 🙂

3. Jacob’s Laukaitis

I am so glad I have bumped into Jacob channel, especially for this particular video about Mexico.

I always suggest renting a car and drive around this beautiful country as I believe it is the best way to explore it.

I know it can be a little scary after all the news you hear about Mexico, but I have written an extensive post about safety in Mexico and how it is to drive around Mexico, which will be helpful I am sure.

Anyway, for now, just enjoy Jacob’s video on his 28 days itinerary on the road.

4. Alex the Vagabond

Alex is taking you through his favorites travel destinations for the year 2020. (let’s take it as an omen that we can get back to travel soon).

Check it out.

5. Alex and Marko from Vagabrothers

Alex and Marko are two brothers (of course) that will inspire you with the most complete videos about the places they visit.

I love their style because it’s very simple with no fancy effect but they take you right inside all the cultural aspects of the destination, the history, the food, the people, it’s like listening to an audioguide while watching the pictures.

In the video I chose for you  they are taking us to Uzbekistan but you can check out all the other amazing videos from their channel.

Now sit back and relax for the next 20 minutes with the Vagabrothers.

6. Ryan Shirley

I just found Ryan’s videos while browsing through YouTube and I loved them. They are very detailed with useful tips and spectacular images.  I could relate to him for being a slow traveler as he spent 3 years traveling around Europe and exploring his beautiful corners. In this video that I have picked he tells us his favorite places in Europe.

7. Antoine Janssens

I love Antone’s style.

I have chosen his video on Costa Rica, because I love wildlife and the video is full of many details of the local species, portraied in such a beautiful way.

The music he uses helps create a dramatic scene that keeps you there with him.

When the video is over you feel like you want to see more.

Check out also the Life in the Artic video in his channel, mind-blowing.

8. Meli

In this exciting video Alex Melis will take you around the world with breathtaking scenes of dreamy landscapes and adventurous trips. From snowcapped mountains to isolated waterfalls you can’t help but travel with your imagination.

Meli started to produce his videos for fun and is now a professional film maker. Check out his channel for more videos.

9. Tony Mcallister

I loved the way Tony portraits Puerto Vallarta in this video. Spectacular close ups on the local people and the city highlights, stunning time laps on sunsets and bird eye view over the bay. This video has it all.

If you are planning a visit to Puerto Vallarta, check it out, but also you can read more on what to do and where to stay in my Puerto Vallarta detailed guides.

10. Mind Boggler channel

You might want to skip this one if you have fear of heights. In case it doesn’t bother you at least to watch on a video, this is a  spectacular video on the most terrifying bridges of the world.

If you are not too sensitive, the scenes are indeed spectacular and worth watching.

Also I am glad I found out about this channel, as they have so many interesting videos about extraordinary things and places in the world. Click on the “Mind Boggler” tag to see  what other videos you may like.

And you? Are you afraid of heights or would you walk on one of those tall bridge without any fear?

11. Benn TK

Benn makes the most creative videos ever.

Do not get mislead by the beginning because in every video it seems like he speaks about motivational stuff, but it’s just a few seconds, then it’s all about the destination amazing sceneries, the people and spectacular landscapes, all put together with amazing editing skills.

He uses many effects that are very well blended together and flowing with the narrative structure of the video.

You will love it.

I was really undecided about what to pick among his amazing videos.

I chose Vietnam because it’s a place where I would really love to travel one day, but I suggest you check the main page of his channel and watch them all.

12. Carlos Costa

Join Carlos and his crazy friends on their adventure in New Zeland. They will keep on the hook for the entire time. I couldn’t even breath during the last scene. Got to check it out. Amazing videography and now I want to go to New Zealand, maybe on a more tranquil journey. 🙂

13. Sailing Le Vagabond

A beautiful young couple sailing around the world on a romantic and adventurous trip.

What has started as an adventure it has now become their lifestyle.

And now they even have a baby.

They have amazing videos about their life on the water and the spectacular hidden gems they see.

Watching their videos is like sailing away with them. Precious.

14. Mark Wiens

Mark is a travel Vlogger who loves chasing the unique culinary experience of the places he visits.

I chose this video about Pakistan because you can feel his enthusiasm for the delicious street food and the generosity of the people.

His videos are very genuine and real.

He doesn’t focus on the transitions or other editing effects like many other videos that I shared.

Instead, he focuses more on the content and he takes you right inside the culture of the places he travels to.

It’s indeed one of my favorite travel Youtube channel to take virtual tours into the world.

15. Mark Harrison

Mark is taking us on his 12 days adventure in Turkey.

I love his style because he switches between some useful information, funny real-life scene and spectacular scenery.

His video feels really authentic with no frills or fancy effects, but still, I believe, of professional quality.

I really enjoy it and, guess what? I want to go to Turkey right now. 🙂

16. Luke Martin

If you love street food this is your vlogg. Luke is going to take us through every sorts of markets and street food places in Asia and Europe.

He takes you on a journey through the local specialities, their taste and how they are made.

Interesting to learn about local cuisine and their culture.

17. The food ranger

And among the foodie travel bloggers, The food ranger, aka Trevor James,  is one of the most popular with almost 4 million subscribers.

In this video that I have picked, he’s showing us how they make noodles.

I would have never imagined that it was such a handy job.

After seeing this I am not sure I will eat noodles again.

He will for sure.

Check this out

18. Eva Zu Beck

I have finally found a woman travel blogger that I really like.

She is real and passionate about the history and the cultural aspects of the amazing places that she visits as a solo traveler.

It resonates a lot with me because that’s the way I love to travel, immerse in the culture, alone among locals, and, when possible in lesser known places.

And of course, alone.

And she does it in the middle east country where for a woman traveling solo is not that easy.

I am sure you will love her videos as much as I do.

19. Kara and Nate

One of the most popular couple vloggers with more than 1 million subscribers.

Their videos are very personal but offer a good balance between their adventures and facts, not to mention the beautiful landscapes. Drones are the best inventions.

In the video that I chose they take us to a tiny little village in Norway where they stayed in a beautiful design hotel in the middle of nowhere.

Check it out

20. Drew Binsky

Drew is a real storyteller, he explores the essence of the countries he visits and digs into the people’s stories.

It’s fun and interesting to watch.

His short captivating videos look more like documentary clips and I was not surprised when he announced that he will be making a 1 hour documentary which includes few selected countries that he has visited (including Jamaica, one of my home-countries).

I can’t wait to see it but in the meantime let’s watch this one that I have selected about a Jew village in Ethiopia.

21. Backpacker Steve

Steve’s videos are quite straightforward and less personal than the others.

I wished he added more music, but I liked the simplicity of his narrative and the fact that he offers useful facts about the places, besides his own personal itinerary.

I am sharing his video on Cartagena because it’s one of the cities of Colombia that I have loved so much for his spectacular architecture and colonial vibe.

I am sure you will love his other videos too.

22. Chris Rogers

Chris specializes in professional sport action videos, not something that all of us can relate to, but still, I wanted to share this one specifically because it includes its 2 years of traveling with spectacular effects and breathtaking transitions from one scene to the other.

You might lose some calories while watching it as it feels you are skiing or surfing with them.

Worth watching just for that.

23. Sam Kold

This guy is an absolute genius in editing and filming.

Because you need to be good in both to be able to deliver something amazing like this video about The wall of China, but not only.

Don’t get misled by the title.

He will take you around Beijing and you will explore the city with them, take cooking class, hope on a motorbike and mingle with the locals.

This video is absolutely phenomenal.

However, while I was browsing through his channel I found this other one here below which almost made me cry ( not easy).

It’s the story of his life and how the loss of his brother has deeply affected him. It’s a work of art. So moving but beautiful.

"Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive. Because what the world needs most, is more people who come alive."
Howard Thurman

24. Justin Poore

I’ve got to share this video because it’s about one of my favorite cities in Mexico and probably my future home town.

Justin is there for only 1 day but he picked the best spots to share in his video. Check it out and fall in love with the colorful colonial Oaxaca.

25. Mr Brynnorth

Africa sceneries are unbeatable, you cannot go wrong.  In this video you will see the magnificent landscapes and wildlife of Kenia portrayed beautifully by Mr Brynnorth, whose real name I don’t know :).

26. Stefan Zimmerman

Welcome to the dreamlike scenery of Scotland.

If you are a fan of Outlander you will love this video, and if you are not a fan, you will love it anyway.

The music is soothing and relaxing as well.

There is no voice over.

So you can sit back and chill while watching the spectacular landscapes of Island of Sky and the Highlands.


27. Bonus video on Deserted Sea by Aramco narrated by the unique voice of David Attenborough

I hope you have enjoyed the videos. If you did, I invite you to share the post on social media, so that others can enjoy them too. 🙂

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