The 31 Best Restaurants in Tulum That You Must Try in 2023

Here you can find an updated list of the best restaurants in Tulum that you have to try in 2023, a Tulum Restaurant Guide with the best places to eat in different areas and for any budget and taste!

You indeed have a variety of choices for any dietary needs and preference and as I mentioned in my Tulum Travel Guide, Tulum restaurants are not only about the food but also about the place, the ambiance, and the popularity, besides the creativity in the presentation of the delicious dishes and the vintage-chic decorations and the general vibes.

It is an extrasensory experience, every time you enter a restaurant in Tulum and I can easily say that here you can find some of the best restaurants in Mexico overall.

I have selected some of my favorites but also I asked for the help of my local friends to be able to offer some insider tips on the best Tulum Restaurants.

Tulum Beach area aerial view

You can rest assured that I will be adding more as I will be trying more myself. It’s going to be a very hard job. 🙂

I have also split them into a few different categories to make it easier for you to scan through the post.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that Tulum is a work-in-progress town with new restaurants opening every day and it’s challenging to keep up even though I keep going back to Tulum at least twice a year.

Therefore I would like you to consider this list just a suggestion and not a comprehensive list of all the best restaurants in Tulum. It would be impossible. And not only because there are so many, but because it depends a lot on what kind of restaurant you are looking for.

So make sure you venture out and try many others that are not mentioned here…and don’t forget to share your thoughts. I would love to hear.

Best Restaurants in Tulum Quick Picks

Below you’ll find a detailed guide to over 20 incredible Tulum restaurants but if you’re just looking for a quick overview, here are my top picks:

Restaurants in Tulum Beach Zone


1. Hartwood Tulum

Hartwood Tulum Restaurant is one of the most popular and considered among the best restaurants in Tulum.

And you can see it from the huge line waiting outside, as they don’t take reservations. But, when you finally sit, they make sure it is worth the wait.

The setting is the typical Tulum boho style, with vintage wooden tables with jungle vibes but the food is what makes all the difference.

Their specialty is woodfired meat or fish and their special is roasted collar grouper, however, their menu changes every day depending on the generosity of Mother Earth.

2. Casa Banana Tulum

Casa Banana Tulum is one of the most popular in the area, especially as an Argentinian steak house, although they have quite a  diverse menu, including fish and veggies. 

They don’t accept reservations so if you think waiting is a waste of time, like me, you should go before 7.30. in high season. Or else, be prepared to wait.

3. Cenzontle Tulum

Located in a beautiful intimate garden, Cenzontle Tulum offers a delicious and original menu with a balanced mix of flavors and a creative presentation. With a hidden garden, it’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner or to celebrate any special occasion.

And, unlike the first restaurants on this list of best restaurants in Tulum, Cenzontle does accept reservations.

4. Casa Jaguar Tulum

With a very surrealistic setting in a tropical garden with cozy lounges and private tables, Casa Jaguar offers a rich menu of creative dishes among which delicious original cocktails and wood-fired fresh fish are cooked right before your eyes with savory vegetable options.

They host some great parties on Thursday night too. Expect a line, a crowded dance floor, and a cover charge!

5. Posada Margherita Tulum

Located right on the spectacular Tulum Beach, Posada Margherita will be your favorite Italian restaurant, with homemade pasta and focaccia, healthy juices and fresh fish, cool vibes, and a laid-back ambiance. 

Not to mention the peculiar character of the owners. The food is based on authentic homemade Italian flavors. The place looks rustic but feels chic, and the owners too 😉

6. Arca

You don’t want to miss the remarkable work of the eclectic international chef  José Luis Hinostroza, who is also the co-founder of the restaurant Arca.

There is a reason he’s a world-renowned chef – a reason you’ll soon understand after dining at Arca! You can read Noma in his curriculum. Just saying.

7. Mezzanine Tulum

Mezzanine Tulum is one of the best Thai restaurants in Riviera Maya, with artfully decorated and tasty dishes and an outstanding setting right by the sea.

It’s open for breakfast lunch and dinner, but your best choice would be an early dinner to enjoy the amazing sunset light. (Note the sunset won’t be right in front of you but you will appreciate the amazing atmosphere).

It is also located right on the spectacular Tulum beach which, together with the delicious food, adds to the suggestive atmosphere.

Note that Mezzanine is technically located within the national park and since the entrance to the park is monitored after hours, you may need to show proof that you’ll be visiting the restaurant.

8. Wild Tulum

Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner with your loved one or a fun night with friends, WILD Tulum would make a perfect choice. It is one of the top upscale restaurants in Tulum that I greatly recommend.

Wild is only open for dinner, but it’s not just a simple dinner. It’s an overall inebriating experience that involves all your senses.

Located on the beach avenue right in front of the trendy Nomade hotel, this high-end restaurant boasts a laid-back stylish look surrounded by a lush tropical garden.

The food is to die for and the eclectic chef will surprise you with an international mix of flavors combined in the most tasteful way and artistically presented with edible flowers, and all sorts of decorations.

Make sure you try their amazing cocktails as well with indeed creative and appealing names… but also delicious.

Or, if you want to throw a party for your family and friend they can also accommodate you in their spacious areas. You can contact them from their webpage.

9. Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra is one of the hot, trendy places along the Tulum Beach road. They serve up “a menu inspired by Latin American culture”, with an emphasis on dishes from Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and more.

This place is always packed and bursting to the seams and they tend to blast music too, so it’s not a place to go if you’re looking to converse over dinner – but it is a fun spot and the food is good.

10. The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table is another relatively new, hip addition to the Tulum restaurant seat. Reservations are elusive to many but definitely try to get them if you can!

Kitchen Table is more of a dining experience than a restaurant, with tables set up overlooking the kitchen, right in the middle of a jungle.

The menu is ever-changing, using fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients and they will accommodate vegetarians and vegans.

Best Tulum restaurants in town (Tulum Pueblo)

11. Burrito Amor

Burrito Amor is a lovely and very busy restaurant on Tulum’s main road on the way to Chetumal. It’s a great option for a quick takeaway or sit-in lunch or dinner, in a laid-back and busy environment. They have all sorts of options in terms of Gluten-free and vegan or vegetarian wraps (aka burritos).

12. Cantina Canova

Located in the new fancy neighborhood La Veleta, Cantina Canova offers a laid-back ambiance and delicious authentic Italian cuisine.

Their menu also includes many delicious vegan options and, obviously, the unmissable pizza, which I have personally tried (twice) and loved.

13. Safari

Safari is a laid-back chic taqueria in the prestigious residential area of Aldea Zama with wooden tables and surrounded by refreshing plants. Here I had the best fish tacos in Tulum.

Open for breakfast and lunch as well, you can also find healthy dishes, including rich juices and bowls.

Safari is the best restaurant in Aldea Zama where to taste authentic Mexican food in a cozy and tranquil environment.

The fish tacos are my favorites!

14. Asadero

Located in Tulum town, Asadero is the meat-eater’s favorite but not only that. It offers the best meat cuts in town, but they have been smart enough to keep even the strictest of vegans happy, by offering a delicious and savory vegetable dish which I have enjoyed many times.

The ambiance is very informal and relaxed; you can make a reservation and it is recommended to do so if you go after 7.30.

15. Cetli

This unique place is definitely to be tried for at least one night. Hiding towards the back of Tulum town, Cetli is a house with just 3 tables, nicely and creatively decorated, and with delicious food that merges Mexican cuisine with an international touch.

16. El Canaston 

There is always that one place in a touristy town that seems just an average local place but it serves the best Mexican food with local ingredients, and it becomes THE place.

Well, that’s El Canaston in Tulum. You must check it out for some all-star tacos, located in Tulum town.

17. Negro Huitlacoxe

Negro Huitlacoxe is run by two renowned chefs doing everything they can with heirloom corn. Think red, yellow, and blue tortillas filled with everything you can think of, multi-colored quesadillas, tamales, quesabirria, and more.

It’s a great spot if you want some local food with a bit of fancy flair.

18. Taqueria Honorio

Declaring one restaurant to have the “best tacos in Tulum” is a bit of a stretch but Taqueria Honorio has definitely made a name for itself as one of the best restaurants in Tulum for tacos.

In fact, you may even recognize the name from when they went viral on social media in 2017. Regardless, it’s one taco spot you don’t want to skip. You’ll find much more than the basics here, as they draw from Maya cuisine.

19. Sabor de Mar

If you’re looking for some fresh seafood, don’t pass up Sabor de Mar. With two locations in town, they’re one of the best Tulum restaurants when it comes to seafood. They offer classics like aguachiles, tostadas, and torres de mariscos.

Do yourself a favor and order a torre de mariscos (Mexican seafood tower), which features layers of seafood, vegetables, avocado, and sauce.

20. Antojitos La Chiapaneca

For a Tulum restaurant serving up some classic Mexican tacos, look no further than Antojitos La Chiapaneca. It’s a small, unassuming place that serves up some wildly delicious tacos. (And no, not America-style or Tex-Mex tacos but REAL Mexican tacos.)

Best cafes and ice-cream shops in Tulum Downtown

21. Matcha Mama

I bet you can guess what this Tulum restaurant is famous for – the best match in town!

Matcha Mama also offers a variety of different health bowls and fresh smoothies. You can find them both on the beach road and downtown.

22. Alfonsina Cafe

You will find this new cafe in Tulum downtown, on a side road on your way to Coba (but still in Tulum).

The lovely staff at Alfonsina Cafe will let you stay as long as you like and work from your laptop, and it’s a great cafe to work from.

They have great coffee and a delicious breakfast and lunch menu, besides a great choice of croissants and bakery goodies of all sorts.

It’s one of my favorite places to have breakfast in Tulum downtown.

23. Italdo

Italdo is a great coffee shop on the way to La Veleta the new fancy neighborhood, close to the Gipsy Market, what I call the jewelry organic shop.

The ambiance is nothing special, you have outside seating under a porch right by the road, but they have the best coffee and bakery in town.

Quite trendy among locals. The almond croissant is to die for, but you will find a variety of options sweet and salted. Not the right place if you are on a weight control diet 🙂

24. Botanica Garden Cafè

Botanica Garden Cafe is my favorite restaurant! Oh well, one of them. It’s set in a beautiful garden close to downtown and the beach road. You can have a delicious lunch or a healthy breakfast made with local ingredients.

Or just a coffee with freshly baked muffins or brownies. You will be surrounded by plants and trees in a lovely atmosphere and if you go on a Sunday you can participate in a painting class for a few dollars.

Best Tulum Restaurants: Vegetarian and vegan options

25. Tierra @ Holistika 

This is the top favorite of all. it’s new, it’s fresh and it’s more than a restaurant, is a holistic retreat. You can check their menu here.

Make sure you don’t schedule anything after your meal, just in case you are enjoying the vibes, and extend your experience with a yoga class or just chilling in the pool.

26. Sanarà Hotel

A prestigious hotel on Tulum Beach, Sanara is also popular for its glassed walls yoga shall, and its beach restaurant with vegetarian and vegan options.

Sanarà translates to “you will heal” and that’s exactly what they try to do with their menu – offer nourishing, healing dishes that taste good too!

27. Nomade Hotel

NÔMADE is one of the most popular and well-known hotels in Tulum, with a spectacular property right on the beach.

So it’s no surprise that they have one of the best restaurants in Tulum, serving up some pretty incredible vegan cuisine.

Note that NÔMADE is a very trendy place, typically filled with music and a good party. So this is not the place to dine if you’re looking for some tranquility!

28. Pasha

Run by a husband and wife from Cyprus, this cute small restaurant serves the Middle East and international cuisine with exciting vegan options, in a beautiful minimalist setting with stone walls and an internal garden.

The service at Pasha is top-notch as well. Prices are a little above the average but it makes a great treat and worth it.

29. Kibok

There are two Kibok, and only the one on the Carretera Tulum going out of town is good. So make sure you go in the right Kibok.

Located by the Jungle Gym pueblo, this cute little cafe is set in a tranquil garden and you don’t even realize you are on the main road.

Free wifi is available and it’s a great space to work from.

Kibok is also one of the best Tulum town restaurants for breakfast and lunch and at night the same space turns into a great Japanese restaurant, which you should try too.

Best Restaurants for Tulum Nightlife

I don’t go out at night much but I have investigated for you, and here is what I found out. In the Beach zone, you would want to go to  Gitano and Casa Jaguar, mainly.

30. Casa Jaguar

Casa Jaguar is also a great restaurant ( see above section)  and they are both party places, open every night, although they also have their special night, the one that you can’t miss.

Gitano is on Friday and Casa Jaguar is on a Thursday. In Casa Jaguar also on a Tuesday night, the restaurant has entertainment for their guests after dinner.

31. Papaya Playa

Saturday nights are for Papaya Playa which is a hotel, but very popular for its parties on Tulum beach on Saturdays and the full moon.

Also, Habita is great for events like concerts and movies.

In downtown Tulum (El Pueblo) also you will find interesting places to go and hang out, with great music and a fun environment.

Tulum Beach hotel  aerial view

Tulum Restaurants Map

Tulum Restaurant Map
Click on the image to open Google Map – Photo © Google

Tulum Co-working space

Since this site is about Digital Nomad Life as well I thought I should share the new co-working spaces in Tulum.

We Nomads

A cute small space in the heart of Aldea Zama. It’s a convenient peaceful location surrounded by many eateries for a lunch break and a peaceful park where to take walks if you want to rest your eyes from the laptop.

Because it’s a small space it’s best if you book your spot here.

Digital Jungle Tulum

Digital Jungle is my favorite co-working space in Tulum. It’s located on the road to Holistika in the fancy neighborhood of La Veleta, right next to Italdo Cafe’ for a delicious break.

The space at Digital Jungle Tulum is huge and they also have nooks for private meetings, a relaxation area, and a small restaurant.

Check out their daily rates and packages on Digital Jungle website.

Los Amigos

I haven’t checked this out personally but I wanted to include it as an option. Los Amigos is a more formal co-working space with the option to book an apartment as well. Located in Aldea Zama.

They also offer daily passes and long-term packages. Check them out on their website.

Cafe’ Coati

Cafe’ Coati is also called Meteora, and it’s a hostel and co-working space. It’s not big and tables and bars are scattered around a pool in a very relaxed atmosphere.

They also have a small air-conditioned room if the heat becomes unbearable.

Selina Tulum

Selina Tulum is the fanciest co-working space and the most expensive, but its location right on the beach is unbeatable and the fact that their WiFi is great despite being on the Tulum beach, well, we have to give them credit, right?

You can either book your stay there or just purchase a day pass as in any co-working space.

Know-Before-You-Go Tulum Restaurants Tips

I hope this list of the best restaurants in Tulum has helped you find your favorite dining place.

In addition, I wanted to share some important tips that you will need to know before entering any Tulum Restaurant.

Please read them, so you are warned and you don’t get mad!

  • Be aware that the majority of Tulum restaurants, hotels, and shops don’t accept credit cards, so come with enough cash (Euros, USD, CAN$, Pounds) and you can change it at the ‘’Casa de Cambio’’.
  • Although they accept USD, they would give you a very unreasonable rate exchange and give you a change in pesos, which is not convenient and you end up paying three times more for your delicious meal. So please make sure you have cash in pesos, always!
  • There are ATMs all around the hotel zone and you can cash either in Pesos or USD, however, you should know that the ATM will charge you a commission of 50 USD for every withdrawal in USD, not convenient. 
  • Be prepared that some restaurants will not split checks. That means if you go out with a large group, you’ll receive one check and even if you ask, they will typically refuse to accept more than two credit cards or two different payment methods.

First time in Tulum? Here is a quick overview of my top travel tips



  • When is the best time to visit Tulum? November to April is the best time of the year to visit Tulum because it’s less humid and lower chance of rain, while September and October are the rainiest months. However, I wouldn’t bother. You never know about the weather.
  • The majority of hotels and restaurants do not accept credit cards.
  • If you travel from December through April it’s better to book way in advance if you want to find availability.
  • Tulum it’s a great destination for family and couples or solo travelers. There’s everything for every taste and budget.
  • Kitesurfers in Tulum find their paradise but El Cuyo is becoming more and more popular.
  • A great vegan and healthy living community set the trend for amazing vegan restaurants and yoga studios.

Planning a trip soon? Here are My Recommended Travel Resources.