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The best restaurants in Tulum, the coolest bars and cafés

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Here below you will find a list of my favorite t restaurants in Tulum, for service, ambiance, quality of food, and also popularity. (vegan options included)

You indeed have a variety of choices from every dietary needs and preference and as I was mentioning in my Tulum Travel Guide it is not only about the food, but also about the creativity in the presentation of the delicious dishes and the vintage-chic decorations and the general vibes.

It is indeed an extrasensory experience, every time you enter a new place.

I am happy to pick my favorites for you among the ones I have tried or I have been recommended by my local friends and you can be sure I will be adding on as I will be trying more myself. It’s going to be a very hard job. 🙂

I have also split them into a few different categories to make it easier for you to scan through the post.


Be aware that the majority of restaurants, hotels, and shops don’t accept credit cards, so come with enough cash (Euros, USD, CAN$, Pounds) and you can change it at the ‘’Casa de Cambio’’.

Although they accept USD, it is always convenient to have cash in pesos, due to the favorable rate exchange.

There are ATM all over the hotel zone and you can cash either in Pesos or USD, however, you should know that the ATM will charge you a commission of 50 USD for every withdrawal, not really convenient. 




  • November to April is the best time of the year to visit Tulum because it’s less humid and lower chance of rain, while September and October are the rainiest months. However, I wouldn’t really bother. You never know with the weather.
  • Most of the hotels and restaurants do not accept credit cards.
  • If you travel from December through April it’s better to book way in advance if you want to find availability.
  • Tulum it’s a great destination for family and couples or solo travelers. There’s everything for every taste and budget.
  • Surfers and kitesurfers in Tulum find their paradise.
  • A great vegan and healthy living community set the trend for amazing vegan restaurants and yoga studios.



It’s one of the most popular and considered among the best restaurant in Tulum. And you can see it from the huge line waiting outside, as they don’t take reservations. But apparently, when you finally sit, they make sure it was worth the wait. The setting is the typical Tulum boho style, vintage wooden tables in jungle vibes but the food is what makes all the difference. Their specialty is woodfired meat or fish and their special is roasted collar grouper, however, their menu changes every day depending on the generosity of mother earth.

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Mur Mur

Right next door to Hartwood, Mur Mur is this new cozy restaurant which just opened last December. Located in a very convenient spot, a little plaza with some of the nicest clothing shops in the area. The restaurant offers a delicate Mexican-International menu. Definitely, worth a try… you will go back! 

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Casa Banana

Also one of the most popular in the area especially as an Argentinian steak house, although they have quite a  diverse menu, including fish and veggies.  They don’t accept reservations so if you think waiting is a waste of time, like me, you should go before 7.30. in high season. Or else, be prepared to wait.

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Located in a beautiful intimate garden it offers a delicious and original menu with a balanced mix of flavors and a creative presentation. Definitely to be tried.

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Casa Jaguarwith a very surrealistic setting in a tropical garden with cozy lounges and private tables it offers a rich menu of creative dishes among which delicious original cocktails and wood-fired fresh fish cooked right before your eyes and savory vegetable options. Great parties on Thursday night!

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If you are missing your favorite sushi restaurant at home, that you cannot live without them, HUKAMI is the perfect place for you. Besides the great sushi, you will find a cozy atmosphere and a relaxed ambiance.

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Posada Margherita

Your favorite italian restaurant, with home made pasta and focaccia – healthy juices and fresh fish – cool vibest and laid-back ambiance.  if only for the peculiar character of the owners. The food is based on the authentic homemade Italian flavors. The place looks rustic but feels chic, the owners too 😉

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You don’t want to miss the remarkable work from the eclectic international chef  José Luis Hinostroza, who is also the co-founder of the restaurant. You can read Noma in his curriculum. Just saying.

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For meat-eaters, but not only, Asadero offers the best meat cuts in town, but they have been smart enough to keep even the strictest of vegans happy, by offering a delicious and savory vegetable dish which I have enjoyed many times. The ambiance is very informal and relaxed; you can make a reservation and it is recommended to do so if you go after 7.30.

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This unique place is definitely to be tried at least one night. Hiding towards the back of downtown Tulum, it is basically a house with just 3 tables, nicely and creatively decorated, and with delicious food which merges Mexican cuisine with an international touch.

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El Bacaro

The best pasta plates brought to you by native Italians from the region of Veneto. Locals from Tulum says here you can find the best pasta dishes of the area. The pizza is good too. In a very laid back atmosphere just off the main road of the Pueblo of Tulum. Same road as the bar Kibook. (calle Centauro Sur entre Andromoeda y Sol)

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Kay Nah

Right in front of el Bacaro a bit further up the road is this new restaurant specialized in seafood cuisine. There is a very cozy and Caribbean ambiance with a great friendly service. They have just opened and already received great reviews! Can’t wait to try it myself.

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El Canaston 

There is always that one place in a touristy town that seems just an average local place but it actually serves the best local food, and it becomes THE place. Well, that’s it. Must check it out for some all-star tacos. (located in Tulum downtown)

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Macha Mama

For a healthy bowl at breakfast time or a fresh smoothy break in your sunny day. On the beach road and in downtown as well.

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Vegan Icecream

The first is this vegan ice cream place located in the Beach zone- they only do vegan ice-cream, homemade and super healthy, besides delicious. You will find it on the beach road just a few steps from the Heartwood restaurant.

Siesta cafe’ 

A cozy little place that merges Mexican design clothing with the traditional Mexican concept of “siesta” (resting). A cozy environment where you can either sip your coffee’ watching the Tulum life going by. You can also taste the delicious handmade snacks.



Babel is a lovely coffè shop on the main road in Tulum downtown (Pueblo). A cozy place to hang out,  in their comfy sofa’ and chairs and have your daily coffee’ doses but don’t get deceived since they also offer delicious sandwiches, toast or bagel style, fresh and healthy fruit juices, and finger leaking desserts. So it is a good place to eat a healthy lunch or a quick bite. It is normally open from 7.30 am to 10 pm.


Tierra @ Holistika 

This is the top favorite of all. it’s new, it’s fresh and it’s more than a restaurant, is a holistic retreat. You can actually check their menu here. Make sure you don’t schedule anything after your meal, just in case you are enjoying the vibes and extend your experience with a yoga class or just chilling in the pool.

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Sanarà hotel

A prestigious hotel on the beach also popular for its glassed walls yoga shala and its beach restaurant with vegetarian and vegan options.

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Nomade Hotel

Spectacular property on the beach boasting a Moroccan architecture and a vegan


Nightlife in Tulum is pretty awesome, great music, laid-back environment, joyful crowds. I am not really a night out freak but I have asked around among my friends who live in Tulum what are the cool places to hang out. This is the reply.

In the Beach zone, you would want to go to  Gitano and Casa Jaguar, mainly. Casa Jaguar is also a great restaurant ( see above section)  and they are both party places, open every night, although they also have their own special night, the one that you can’t miss. Gitano is on Friday and Casa Jaguar on a Thursday. In Casa Jaguar also on a Tuesday night, the restaurant has entertainment for their guests after dinner.

Saturday nights are for Papaya Playa which is actually a hotel, but very popular for its parties on the beach on Saturdays and on the full moon.

Also, Habitas is great for events like concerts and movies

In downtown ( el pueblo) also you will find interesting places to go and hang out, with great music and fun environment.

The ones that are most popular right now are  Batey, KiKi and Pasito Tun Tun. They are all open every night and always with a good crowd.

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Eric Smith

Wednesday 17th of April 2019

a Coqueta is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. It’s much cheaper than any restaurant in the hotel zone and they offer free WiFi.

Isabella Biava

Wednesday 17th of April 2019

Hello Eric! thank you for your suggestion. I will check it out when I'll be back next year. :)

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