How to find the best camera bag for your travel adventures

I have now found my favorite camera bag, actually, I have two favorites now. I will show you here how I compared them to other styles and why I love these two particularly.


I don’t really think there is one absolute best camera bag! It all depends on your specific needs and what features you consider important.

With this post I want help you find the best camera bag FOR YOU!

Here is a picture of me wearing my favorite camera bag while looking at the famous Arch in Antigua Guatemala

This specific camera backpack is my favorite and my latest gift to myself. It’s the most complete camera bag I have seen. It has become my one and only favorite camera gear above all since the first time I saw it on my photography teacher during a workshop. 

Besides being very stylish, it’s super spacious and practical, for the lower camera pocket rotating 180º to the front without you having to take your bag out.  This feature only is absolutely priceless to me, especially when you are on a hike and want to take pictures but don’t want the group to stop and wait for you.  

I know it’s a bit expensive and probably overpriced, but I believe if you are a professional photographer or a wannabe pro (like me) it’s worth the effort. And it’s a product that will last forever.  

I had it with me in my latest trip to New York, as one of the unmissable items of my New York Packing List and it was so convenient. I could have my camera handy anytime I wanted to take a photo, without taking off the backpack and my other personal belonging fit perfectly, including my brand new pinky water bottle.

Pros: extremely roomy, versatile, functional, stylish.
Cons: pricey, bulky. 

Mindshift rotation 180º Camera Gear Deluxe Kit

My Pick
MindShift Gear 520210 - 180° Rotation Prof. Deluxe

My best investment ever. This photography gear backpack is very spacious and convenient to carry your camera and lenses and use them without taking the back off your shoulder.

05/30/2023 06:20 am GMT


  1. Camera Bag Backpack Waterproof Large DSLR Camera Bag with 15.6″ Laptop Compartments Rain Cover Outdoor Travel Camera Backpack Case for Nikon Canon Sony Pentax DSLR/SLR Cameras,Tripod and Accessories
  2. Pelican S130 Sport Elite Camera Pack (Black)
  3. Manfrotto MB MS-BP-IGR Medium Backpack for DSLR Camera & Personal Gear (Green)


It really depends on what kind of traveler and photographer you are, and how many other bags you have with you, what priority you give to photography.

My Pick
Tenba DNA 16 Pro Messenger Bag for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras and Lenses – Blue (638-577)

Great interchangeable bag with multiple pockets that you can use both as a camera bag or as a stylish sporty handbag.

05/30/2023 01:00 pm GMT

I used to have a shoulder camera bag which was small and very practical and I am still keeping it now that I have purchased the fabulous Mindshift 180 rotation, just because on many occasions it becomes handier, and I am also using it as a regular handbag sometimes. (see card above)

But if you go hiking I assure you the shoulder camera bag will kill you. It really hurts not only your shoulder but the entire vertebral column, because it’s just not natural to have unbalanced weight on your body, especially if the weight is significant.

Therefore I suggest you a good backpack with a great handle structure, especially for heavy gear.

As I previously mentioned, I chose the Mindshift 180 rotation because to me it’s the best hiking camera bag. In fact  to be able to shift the camera box in front of me just by sliding it around my waist and not having to stop to do that, makes it totally worth the money.

But I go hiking often and also when I tour around cities and when I walk a lot in general I believe that’s the best you can get.

There are other similar camera 180 rotation camera backpacks that have similar characteristics but a lower price, though and still very good.

But let’s see what are the top camera bags for travelers according to the reviews received.

Best camera backpack choice:

  1. Mindshift 180 rotation  
    Info page
  2. MindShift Gear Backlight 26L Outdoor Adventure Camera Daypack Backpack (Woodland Green)
    Info page
  3. Pelican S130 Sport Elite Camera Pack (Black)
    Info page
  4. Manfrotto MB MS-BP-IGR Medium Backpack for DSLR Camera & Personal Gear (Green)
    Info page
  5. DSLR Camera Backpack Bag by Altura Photo for Camera, Lenses, Laptop/Tablet and Photography Accessories (The Great Explorer)
    Info page.
  6. MindShift Gear TrailScape 18L Backpack (Charcoal)  
    Info page
  7. Camera Bag Backpack Waterproof Large DSLR Camera Bag with 15.6″ Laptop
    Info page
  8. Vanguard Alta Sky 45D Camera Backpack for Sony, Nikon, Canon, DSLR, Drones, Grey
    Info page
  9. Peak Design Everyday Backpack  – Camera Case/Cover (Charcoal, Universal, Laptop Compartment)
    Info page
  10. Atlas Athlete Camera Pack (Large/Black) Award Winning Camera Backpacks
    Info page

Compare ONLY the top 6 camera backpack above in one page  here

Buying tip: You will see how I have included bags of a very different price range. I did it because that was the customers’ choice towards those kinds of bags.

However, although they are very cheap, and seem such a deal, I wouldn’t think it is in the long run. I care about my camera gear and I want it to be protected, and wrapped into good quality material.

Besides I care about style too. Therefore you will see that I have included some kinds of gears with a high rate but low number of reviews. Those are top brands and because of the price they have less reviews, but they are a guarantee of great quality.

Having said that, it’s always up to you and your priorities of course. And that’s why there is no right answer. There is everything for each taste and need.


Among the best camera bags, there are some that are more suitable for women and really cool to wear not only as a functional object but also as a trendy part of our outfit. And because we care about those things, here you go. I am listing here the best camera bags for women, according to the buyers’ choice but of course, with my personal authentic style review. 

Please note that those are not exclusively for women, but that would fit better on us than other bags.

Otherwise the majority of the camera bags are unisex.

 This camera bag brand is my number one choice for a camera backpacks and bags that are also a fashion accessory. I have the blue messenger bag and I loved it. Super stylish and functional at the same time, with so many pockets and very resistant. But also the new backpacks that I am seeing are really cool.

But let’s see what are the other top camera bags for women according to the reviews received, and also my choice of course.

Compare camera bags for women: 

  1. Mindshift 180 rotation  
    Info page
  2. MindShift Gear Backlight 26L Outdoor Adventure Camera Daypack Backpack (Woodland Green)
    Info page
  3. Pacsafe Camsafe Z15 Anti-Theft Camera and Tablet Shoulder Bag, Charcoal
    Info page
  4. Multifunction Anti-Theft Camera Backpack, Retro Large Capacity SLR Camera Bag
    Info page
  5. S-ZONE Vintage Canvas Camera Bag DSLR SLR Messenger Bag Leather Shoulder Satchel
    Info page
  6. Tenba Messenger DNA 10 Bag – Cobalt (638-473)
    Info page.
  7. TARION Camera Bag Backpack DSLR Mirrorless Camera Case for Lens Tripod Tablet with Waterproof Rain Cover
    Info page
  8. Jia Outdoor Sports Shoulder Professional Digital Camera Bag Polyester Material Waterproof Anti-theft Seismic
    Info page

Compare the top 8 camera bag for women above in one page  here

Buying tip: I always would go for a more expensive one, just because most of the time it’s a guarantee of quality, not always of course. But the cheapest is normally made with low material and made in an unethical way.