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Bacalar Restaurants – The top 7 places where to eat in Bacalar

In this post, I will tell you my review of my favorite Bacalar restaurants. Picture yourself enjoying the soothing view of the 7 shades of the blue lagoon while eating your delicious meal from one of the delicious Restaurants in Bacalar

I stayed in this magic place for more than a week enjoying all the possible things that you can do in Bacalar and around checking out the best places where to stay in Bacalar and testing all the best restaurants. It felt like a job more than a trip but that’s how I love to travel.

Bacalar Restaurants: my top places

Having stayed in Bacalar for a few days I managed to try different restaurants which I am going to suggest here below.

Bertilla Restaurant

It’s an Italian restaurant and one of the first new kid on the bloc in Bacalar, before the whole development process. The pizza is ok but their best performance is in the many different kinds of pasta which they make with their own hands. They chose the best ingredients and make their own sauces.  Located just off the main plaza.

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La Playita Bacalar

This is my favorite restaurant in Bacalar. I  loved the setting, right on the lagoon, the ambient and decoration, all in wooden with tables scattered around the beautiful garden and by the pier. The food is delicious and with a great choice and great attention to the presentation. They have wifi and I guess you can spend some time on their pier and enjoy their hammocks and water after a great meal.

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El Manati Bacalar

I loved this place so much, most of all for the concept. Before reaching the restaurant area you will walk through a multifunctional shop, where they sell clothes, organic washing soaps cakes, and all sorts of art, then you will have access to a beautiful garden surrounded by amazing graffitied walls. The food is delicious too and vegan friendly.

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Pata de Perro

It is located on the main square, I love the upper-level terrace, especially at sunset.  The menu is very rich and also a little more expensive than the average but worth it. I had the vegetarian tacos, very tasty. The staff was also very pleasant.

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Mango y Chile

It’s a vegan restaurant, located right beside the Fort, open all day from breakfast to dinner. It offers a choice of vegan dishes such as burgers, falafel, salads, and different beverages. I found my favorite, which is the “leche dorada” it’s a hot drink made of vegan milk and Curcuma! A delish!

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Kai Pez

Located just below the fort, on the Avenida Costera. You will notice it because of the huge car park and a long pier. Right by the water this laid back, nothing pretentious restaurant is located. I had a great ceviche for my dinner and I was really impressed by the presentation. It’s quite a popular restaurant.

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This small restaurant is located inside the little posada LULU. It’s a vegan restaurant and offers a great choice of vegan dishes and fresh juices.

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Porque’ no

 It’s an Italian restaurant but I didn’t really have a good experience. I did love the gelato though, which I totally recommend.

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Other options that I didn’t try myself but I have heard good thinks are – Los Aluxes, located in the homonymous hotel, and  Palo de Tinte, just on the Avenida Costera (AV 1)  close to the main plaza.

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