How to visit Dzibanche Mayan Ruins and the Nearby Kinichnà

Guide to Dzibanche Mayan Ruins and the beautiful Kinichnà and surroundings

Before entering the State of Campeche and getting to the Calakmul area, you literally bump into other amazing archaeological sites that I would really suggest visiting if you have time.

Coming from Bacalar from Route 307  and then turning into Route 186 the first sites you meet are Dzibanche and Kinichna’.

When I arrived it was a bit late in the day as  I didn’t have much idea of the distances and since I was coming I had explored another area so I used much of my time but I managed to visit them.

A long trip was waiting ahead but I decided to take it slow and visit as much as I can. Therefore after the visits to Dzibanche and Kinichna,’ I found a small lodge in the nearby area in order to be able to visit the other stunning site of Kohunlich the following day.

They are off the main road but directions are well indicated on the road. It will be half an hour’s drive after the turn from Route 186.

How to get to Dzibanche Mayan Ruins

After about an hour of driving from Bacalar (direction Escarcega- Campeche – Rute 186) you will bump into a road sign on the right which shows you the way. You have to drive through the small town of Morocoy and then turn again to the left where you see the sign. You cannot miss it. It’s actually a beautiful 40 minutes drive in the countryside, a little bumpy because of some cracks on the road but any kind of car can get there.

You will arrive at the entrance of DZIBANCHE’ where you will pay 50 MXN (3 USD) for the ticket, valid for both sites.

The first one would be Dzibanche’, much bigger and stunning, it is unfortunate that this precious archeological discovery is normally ignored since besides being of extreme historical importance among the Mayan civilization of the Classic age (300-900 A.D.) it is also an amazing walk through history and nature.

The site is also populated by a family of howler monkeys and the guardians of the site will be happy to show you around and explain about the temples, pyramids, bas-reliefs,s and other remains of the ancient city.

How to get to Kinichna

is the small Mayan remain from the same site group and situated only 2 km from the site of Dzibanche’. You can actually see it from the top of the tower. In Kinichna you can only see one tower but it is worth visiting it for the evocative atmosphere and the suggestive location in the deep jungle, in total immersion into nature.


On these sites, they don’t sell water, so remember to bring a couple of bottles with you, dress lightly and comfortably, and wear closed comfortable shoes, so that little insects won’t bother you. Insect repellent is advisable as well though.

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