One day in Bruges, the quaint historical town

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Strolling around the old city, getting lost among its red brick walls and canals and the breathtaking art of the gothic churches, eat chocolate and french fries ( well, Belgian) was my favourite thing to do, but, ok, I will give you a list of specific places to visit

Pursuing a meaningful life – my journey

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I realised that I have actually been on a vacation since I was born, even if I hadn’t known it, because I have simply always done what I loved and been paid for it. And when that love ended I moved on. I cannot stick to a job or a profession that I am not passionate about, firstly, because I won’t be able to perform at my best, and secondly, because I wouldn’t enjoy it.


Climbing the Kilimanjaro by accident

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It was dark, cold, and snowing. I couldn’t see where I was putting my feet. My heartbeat was accelerating, my breathing short. I was as scared as hell! “I don’t want to die”, I thought! I didn’t want to give up, though, right at the very end of 4 days of an amazing hike. The guide suggested I stop for a while, take my time and see if I wasn’t really feeling well. I had the option of turning back with one of the second guides. I thought it was fear, at least I hoped so!

Escape from the touristy and land in Paradise: EL CUYO

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Sometimes we are attracted to a beautiful place because everybody is talking about it and we feel the urge to see it in person and to leave our footprints as well. Fare enough! But most of the time once we get there we realise the less spoken surroundings are just as beautiful, if not more. Forgotten places, with less comfort but with your own private beach. What’s your priority?